Prompter Overview

Through-the-glass prompting gives you more good takes and less editing.   This iPad teleprompter keeps your reader’s eyes on your camera’s lens. This teleprompter saves you hours of editing by making your production days go smoother.

Add your iPad in front of the two-way mirror and get an iPad teleprompter that keeps your reader’s eyes on your camera’s lens. Your tablet makes this an iPhone teleprompter, or an Android teleprompter.

We offer two different teleprompters. Please visit these product pages to learn more.

10G Model – $249

+ $25 Shipping and Handling, additional fees apply in Canada (ships to US and Canada only)

Recommended for Smartphone and Tablet Users
Teleprompter uses 8 in. x 10 in. 70/30 Teleprompter Glass

14G Model – $299

+ $25 Shipping and Handling, additional fees apply in Canada (ships to US and Canada only)

Clear Picture, Large Screen
Teleprompter uses 11 in. x 14 in. 70/30 Teleprompter Glass


This easily becomes an Android teleprompter with your Xoom, Dell Streak, HTC flyer, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, or other smartphones or tablets. These teleprompters work with any camera size, and doesn’t require you to buy a heavy-duty tripod to hold it all up.

Our cheap teleprompter solves a lot of your production problems. Have you ever shot someone who does a great take then stumbles at the end? Or they keep looking off camera to peek at notes? Many times they struggle to get through more than a couple sentences before losing their place. And you know all those retakes mean lots of extra hours of editing for you as to try to piece together a coherent show. Most of us can’t afford a $1,000 “cheap” teleprompter. On top of that, you might have to spend hundreds of dollars more on a heavyweight tripod to hold it all up.

We were faced with the same problems in our productions, and designed a cheaper teleprompter solution that really works. The reason you don’t need to buy a heavy-duty tripod is because you can use this on a standard lighting stand, or even a counter top. Whether you’re using a big production camera or a cell phone, this prompter will fit for you. Other prompters require specialized mounting hardware with brackets and risers and a lot of set up time. This prompter is fully assembled. Just place it in front of your camera. It saves you production time and costs less.  You download prompter software for your device from the app marketplace to display your script in high contrast as a mirror image. Your talent reads it frontward, in the reflection on the prompter’s glass, in line with your camera  lens.


When to Use a Teleprompter

Know your Budget – Teleprompters can be pricey, so you have to ensure that your budget can afford it. When pricing out your event make your priorities clear, and know your speaker. If they need a teleprompter budget for it. Know your Room – If you’re presenting in a small room, a teleprompter may be …

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3 Tips for Teleprompter Reading

Picture the Audience: To an on looking audience, public speakers reading from teleprompter screens can seem a bit robotic. For a natural-looking delivery, try picturing talking to real people, rather than just reading. Practice: Though teleprompter screens scroll words for you, practice is still crucial. Practice by reading and speaking your material beforehand for limited …

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