Really Cheap Teleprompter

Put your iPad into this prompter and you’ll get great eye contact from your talent. They read off the reflection in front of the lens. No more memorizing or searching for the next line. You’ll have less stress and your videos will look more polished. See the remedy for “shifty eyed talent” using your iPad or Android tablet when you click on the video below.

Through-the-glass prompting gives you more good takes and less editing.   This iPad teleprompter keeps your reader’s eyes on your camera’s lens. This teleprompter saves you hours of editing by making your production days go smoother.

You can get less stressful shooting days and shorter editing days by putting your iPad or tablet into this low cost teleprompter with high quality glass.

You can shoot through this prompter with a large production camera, small family camcorder or even a smartphone. Any iPad or Android tablet can be your teleprompter display.

14G Model – $299

+ $25 Shipping and Handling, additional fees apply in Canada (ships to US and Canada only)

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14G Model Details

The 14G is our most versatile model, and the one we recommend for most professional shoots. It has a 11″ by 14″ glass screen, which can fit large tablets like iPads, as well as some computer monitors. This allows you to display large text for reading at a long distance, or display a lot of small text for reading at a short distance.

Our prompter is a finely-crafted wooden box. It has a recessed underside, allowing it to be laid on a table or counter-top while also featuring the ability to be mounted and secured on any standard lighting stand with a 5/8 in. stud. The prompter’s lid can be closed and latched for easy transport, and then opened and propped up with a built-in metal support, which keeps your prompter screen at the recommended 45 degree angle for optimal viewing. It also features the ability to easily remove and replace the glass should repairs become necessary.

If you would prefer a smaller teleprompter for smartphones and smaller tablets, please take a look at the 10G model.

How do I set up my camera with my teleprompter?  What’s in the Box?

Included Cloth Shroud helps the reader easily see the script

Using cue cards or a tablet next to your camera’s lens while you read your script can make you look shifty-eyed.

A teleprompter makes you look like you’re really an authority on your subject because you speak smoothly and communicate your content well. You know you’re just reading your carefully crafted script, but the viewer thinks you’re much smarter because you speak so easily and know your topic well.

This really cheap teleprompter will make you and your clients look smarter, as it helps your reader do more good takes. This also results in less stress on shooting days, and it shortens your editing time. This prompter is the larger model with 70/30 teleprompter glass, so it’s brighter and is easily readable, and it doesn’t have the back reflection you get with standard glass.

This prompter is a good choice if you want to use a larger monitor instead of a tablet, or if you need a larger view because your talent is going to be moving more during your shoot.

The key to being able to read the prompter is the reflectance of the glass. Here you can see the teleprompter glass, which appears even brighter and is clearer and easier to read, since you don’t get the back reflection you get with the plain glass or glass treated with film. How do you decide which is best for you? If you don’t shoot in areas where there is a lot of ambient light, and this is readable for you, then the film prompter will work for you. If you are using a smartphone as the prompter source, then we recommend the prompters with the teleprompter glass, and not the one with the film. If you’re going to be shooting outdoors or in brighter areas the models with the teleprompter glass are easier to read.
Check out our teleprompters and buy the one that’s best for you, and starting having less stressful shooting days and quicker, easier editing days.


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